Welding Symbols Training Package

Learn how to interpret and write welding symbols

Do you or your employees need to learn welding symbols?  

Are you a welding instructor looking for a way to teach welding symbols to your students or simply a way to brush up on your own skills?  

Are you hoping to become a CWI and need to learn how to interpret welding symbols?  

Are you a welder looking to improve your skills set to earn a raise?  

If so, these training materials are for you.

Learn Welding Symbols the Easy Way: Three powerful resources to walk you step-by-step through your learning process.

Learning welding symbols is necessary for many professionals in the welding industry. From welders to welding inspectors, from estimators to quality personnel, knowing this language is an absolute necessity.

The Welding Symbols Training Manual ($29) will teach you welding symbols starting from the most basic elements all the way to the very complex symbols. A total of 121 review problems provide plenty of opportunity to test your knowledge as you learn.  

You will also get the Welding Symbols Guide ($11) which will allow you to interpret welding symbols even before you learn this language. Simply find the type of symbol and use the graphical guide to determine the meaning of all the elements of the symbol at hand.  

In addition to the 121 review problems in the Welding Symbols Training manual you also get a comprehensive, 40-question Welding Symbols Test ($9) to gauge your proficiency with welding symbols. (Answer keys are provided for both the review problems and the comprehensive test).

This special offer provides $10 off the Welding Symbols Training Manual, the Welding Symbols Guide and the Comprehensive Welding Symbols Test.

Here is what you get...

The Welding Symbols Training Manual is a 110-page eBook structure like a text book that will walk you through the process of learning to interpret and write welding symbols.

You’ll start with the basic building blocks fo welding symbols and progress up to more complex ones—this allows you to learn at your own pace. 

You don't have to go in order, jump to the section you need based on the specific type of welding symbol you need. This manual will teach you the welding symbols for all types of welds: fillet, plug, slot, spot, stud, edge, groove (all types), surfacing, and seam welds. Additionally you'll learn brazing and nondestructive examination symbols. 

The Welding Symbols Guide is a set of cheat sheets that will allow you to easily interpret welding symbols even before you have mastered this language.

You’ll be able to easily find the type of symbol you want to interpret and use the graphical representatins to determine all the details of the specified weld.—this guide on its own can help you interpret over 90% of the welding symbols you'll come across in shop drawings. Use it as you learn and later as reference material.

This guide is provided in PDF format which means you can view it on your mobile device. This allows for quick access anywhere in the shop or our in the field. You will always have this information available regardless of where you are.

The Welding Symbols Test is the perfect way to gauge your level of understanding of welding symbols after you have gone through the Welding Symbols Training manual. 

This 40-question comprehensive exam can be used to test your own knowledge, that of your welders or that of your students. The answer key is provided for instructor use. 

Three types of questions are included in this test. The first type are questions that address general knowledge such as knowing the basic components of welding symbols. The second type of questions tests how well you can interpret welding symbols. And the third type of question tests your ability to write welding symbols. This last one is especially important for design engineers that need to specify welding sizes and joint details in shop drawings.